Abstract painting, continued

My ongoing obsession with abstract painting…

The unit we are studying in my Cert IV course currently, is “Abstract Painting”. I’ve never been able to do it, but we have been de-constructing other artists’ work in order to nut out how they achieved their ‘look’.

This week we looked at Piet Mondrian… Master of radical simplification of elements in his paintings, he reduced everything to vertical and horizontal lines.

“I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.” ~Mondrian

And so, adopting his philosophy of reduced abstract painting, I set out to paint methodical squares in an asymmetrical balance.

My inner scumbler took over, however, and before too long my neat, tidy boxes became blurry and atmospheric…. I don’t mind that I didn’t fully re-create a Mondrian, but using his style as a launching pad helped me find a new way of abstract painting — a resource I’ll probably draw upon one day down the track!

square abstract painting abstract blues

Abstract Blues — an abstract painting by Anita Revel.

Shine on!

❤ Anita Revel

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