Album cover art — an under-appreciated art form

Oi Va Voi! When I was given a challenge to create album cover art for a song I co-wrote with Prita, I went into cold sweats. I have been buying my music digitally for 20 years… what do I know about album covers???

We were told to choose a genre of album cover art — I focussed on “street art” as a theme, and was particularly inspired by Banksy’s band-aid covered Battle to Survive a Broken Heart. No matter how I tried, however, I couldn’t re-create the urban look while working on paper.

So, armed with white and pink spray-paint, I ran riot on an old water tank on the farm, and voila, came up with two bona-fide graffiti-style raggedy hearts I really like.

Anyway, after the hours of research on album cover art and 20,000 attempts at creating something catchy, here is what I finally came up with. Who knew that to create something that looks like street art, you actually have to go out and create the damn street art?!?! What a break through!

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Artist Statement for this Album Cover Art

Inspired by two of Banky’s images: “Battle to Survive a Broken Heart” (located between King Street and Van Brunt Street, Red Hook) and “Waiting in vain” (located outside Larry Flynt’s NY Hustler Club & Cigar Lounge. 641 West 51st St, Manhattan).

Both pieces allude to broken love – the bandaids patching up the wounds made in the heart-shaped balloon, and the heart-shaped flower petals dropping to the ground as the jilted lover waits for his girl. The consistent use of the heart shapes in his work implies that where there is despair, there is hope.

Likewise, in a song I penned in 2012, I talk about the fleeting nature of love, and that what we have is the “Right Now, Right Here”.

We can’t predict what will happen in the future, but we do know that right now, and right here, all the moments that we have spent together, whether they be joyful or painful, are what has made our relationship strong enough, and deep enough, to be here today.

Excerpt from my essay “Album Cover Art” written and copyrighted 2015.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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