All you need is… LOVE (yes, this happened at this art party)

(all you need is) love. What happens at art party …

I’m loving the beautiful women that are gathering in my studio in Cowaramup to explore their essence via a Get Your Goddess On art workshop (aka art party.) Take today’s group, for example. The conversation started out light and fluffy (which is good!), but once the trigger questions started, it soon got deep.

These women, who had been friends for years, found out some pretty amazing stuff about each other.

That one was still crushing on her first ever boyfriend from Year 10, for example. That another voted accidentally for the Liberal Party last election. (Whoops! LOL) And that yet another spent $600 on a tree for her front garden but told her husband she scored it for under $100.

(There were more revelations during this 2.5 hours of art workshop bliss, but what happens at Art Party, stays at Art Party. ;-P )

Speaking of trees… did you know that the city of Melbourne has assigned email addresses to their trees, so community members can email any problems — low-hanging branches, and the like. Instead, the trees are being bombarded with love letters.

“Dear 1037148,” wrote one admirer, to a golden elm. “You deserve to be known by more than a number. I love you. Always and forever.”

I think it’s healthy (and a gift!) to have an avenue where you can share you feelings, thoughts and expressions of love. If it’s a tree that is the receiver of your love, go for it.

Likewise, if it’s a friend, double-up on that dose of appreciation. Let your friends know that you love ’em, that you’d do anything for them, that you’ve got their back.

You just never know when your words will hit home… And when they do, you’ll be loved right back.

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As we were working on our paintings, this blog post kept coming to mind… Especially, these words:

Whatever is happening in your life today, it’s OK… It is enough that you are here, that you have done the best you can with the resources on hand. Be proud of yourself; you have done such a great job – coping, striving, moving onwards and upwards. Please be gentle with yourself today… you are doing the best you can with what you have available to you. You are stronger than you think. You can change anything you want – your mind, your thoughts, your tack, your attitude. You can do anything, even this.

I thought about what these women had shared early on, and was really proud of them for being there for each other. For sharing little secrets that would serve to become mortar in their ever-strengthening relationship. And, for being relentlessly positive in their pursuit for understanding, that in the end, all we need is love.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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