Another technique for the abstract artist — “A Day in the Studio 2”

The easy abstract art technique that I talked about?…

Here is how an abstract artist can  evolve a simple art technique even further…

Waaaaaa waaaaaaa, all this study and play in the abstract form, and I’m still not comfortable with calling myself abstract artist …

During Weeks 31 and 39 of my art challenge 2015, I explored another abstract art technique — reducing what is seen to a minimal number of lines / shapes.

I decided that if I wanted to push myself as an abstract artist, I needed to try this (again!!), but this time teasing out the process to include one more step…

First, I took the charcoal sketch of the jug with flowers and glass jar of paint brushes… then, I folded it in half.

(Folding it in half is the extra step, by the way. Not tooooo difficult, right?!)

Again, I applied the “geometric shapes” art technique (as described in the creation of the Study of a Figure Outdoorspiece), to reduce the complexity of the picture plane.

And voila, I came up with a beautifully jumbled up line-up of shapes and patterns. You can see how the brushes in the jar are represented by the orange lines, the handle of the jug is the yellow shape, the jug is the green triangle, the jar is the pink stripe, and the circles are the flowers.

abstract artist can try this simple technique to extend their abstract art

Again I stuck with a limited palette of pinks, greens, orange and yellow, which combined to make a happy story of flow and vibrancy.

Folding the reference piece in half gave me the opportunity to overlap colours, creating a “play space” for them to vibrate and interact with each other in a fun way.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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