Flight of Fancy — busting out of the traditional self-portrait

This week I was challenged by my Cert IV Visual Arts lecturer, Kirstie Hahn, to create a self-portrait that was morphed, textured and manipulated.

OK then… Here you go! My first experience using impasto gel, which was fun.

flight of fancy

Artist Statement

The butterfly represents new beginnings. It starts as an icky bug, goes through a massive struggle, and is reborn as a beautiful winged creature whose only job is to fly, be happy, and let the world enjoy her beauty. This is why I overlaid the butterfly wing across my eye — so that I could view the world through a filter of joy. I’ve also used a bright and happy palette to remind myself to lighten up, to not take things so seriously. I think it works!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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PPS Wanna buy this piece? You can’t! (Sorry! It was painted with student grade paints, so is not archival quality.)

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Behold the light!