A Pair of Happy (Still Life)

Art challenge week 20, and I find myself picking up a piece I started in one of Fi Wilkie‘s art workshops

A bit braver this time … Understanding that negative space is every bit as valuable as the positive … And inspired by Fi’s incredible, beautiful, delectable flowers and vases still life scenes.

Honestly, her work is stunning. I drool every time I walk into her studio. Her still life vases are so full of movement and joy, I want to fall into the painting.

Whereas the piece I produced in my first workshop with Fi (of the bird landing amongst the leaves), had a distressed look about the negative space, this time I wanted to try blocking the negative space with a bolder hand.

So instead of simply applying colour and wash to the background, this time I painted the background — pink wallpaper and a blue tablecloth. I also created more definition in the flowers by outlining them, and deliberately adding flower-like details.

Overall, it’s a piece I’m very happy with. So much so, I have it on display in my guest room, to bring a touch of joy into my guests’ lives 😀

abstract flowers still life

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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