Circular triptych celebrating friendship

Taking the classic triptych one step further: I made a circular triptych!

I arrived home from Bali today, all owled out. I drew around 100 owls while sitting on a poolside lounge, in preparation for my first solo art exhibition in Margaret River next February. For now, I’ve had enough of owls.

So instead, I’m ready for play.

And thinking of 2016, I realise that it marks the 20th year of friendship with two amazing ladies, Vicki and Rikke. (Maybe I will change my name to Micki so I rhyme! Or Bicki… Or Kiki… Or Dic… oh, never mind.)

When we first became friends, Vicki’s daughter Sarah was three years old. I was an eternally single (mother) and coming to terms that I would never have another child. And Rikke was in a state of serial-singleness, so children were not on her radar. Down the track however, (12 years later to be precise), I found myself married and ecstatic to become the mother of my beautiful Phoebe.  Another six years on and — joy! — Rikke welcomed her miracle baby Sydney.

So between the three of us, we have each had a daughter to cherish each and every day.

In celebration of this, I wrote a letter to the three daughters:

Dear Sarah, Phoebe and Sydney,

20 years ago, your mothers met and became firm friends. We’ve seen each other through some tough times. Even better, we have celebrated (many times) our good fortune, to have each other in our lives. Yes, we are blessed to have each other, but we’re even more blessed to each have a beautiful daughter.

This is one of three paintings I’ve created to celebrate our daughters, and the friendship of their mothers. It is my hope that one day, you will all be able to meet and see each other’s painting first-hand, and perhaps even become as good friends with each other, as your mothers have been before you.

With love, Anita

I then painted another “fairy garden” scene as a triptych (three paintings that when placed together, can be appreciated as one painting). But this is no ordinary triptych… With “circle of friends” in mind, I came up with the idea of a circular triptych — where the three paintings can be switched around and around and around, and still be viewed as one continuous piece.

Check it out…

circular triptych

Garden of Forever :: Anita Revel (Circular Triptych, configuration 1, with “Phoebe” on the left.)

circular triptych technique

Garden of Forever :: Anita Revel (Circular Triptych, configuration 2, with “Sarah” on the left.)

circular triptych idea

Garden of Forever :: Anita Revel (Circular Triptych, configuration 3, with “Sydney” on the left.)

I love the circular triptych approach. If/when these girls do meet up (and happen to have their own one-third of the triptych on hand), it won’t matter which order they put them together in — they’ll be in a circle of friendship.

No-one will be “in the middle” — they are all central to each other, adding to each other, and rotating around their own unique, special 2nd-generation friendship.

Commission Your Own Circular Triptych to Celebrate Your Special Friendship

Do you have a circle of friends you’d like to celebrate too? It doesn’t matter how many are in your circle, I can create a circular arrangement for you too!

Simply get in touch and let me know what size / colour scheme / special elements / size-per-piece you’d like, and I’ll respond with a quote.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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