Colour Bomb! When the world just needs more colour!


My studies in abstract art continue to take to me to new, exciting places. It’s Destination Break-Through in the Heartland Studio this week folks!

So the back story is this… I have this 40x50cm canvas in my studio that I use as my “sounding out” board. I use this canvas if:

  • I have a new technique I want to try;
  • I have left-over paint on my brush that I don’t want to wash down the drain;
  • I just wanna have a slash-and-trash and lunge-and-expunge painting session…

Anyway, you get the point. This canvas was my “bi-yatch”. (I simply can’t think of a better word. If you can think on one, please let’s know!)

Sooooo…. I had got this canvas to a point where I was loving the way the colours were sitting against each other. If I was brave I would have put it up as a “study in colour” and lived with it. However, being that it’s not a canvas I was precious about (yet!), I pushed forward.

Thank goodness I did. Because wow, when I picked up my palette knife, magic happened.

I’m so thrilled with the result, I’ve already ordered a 1.8m x 1m board mounted on a box frame so I can re-create this as a BIG FEATURE ARTWORK.

Artist Statement:

Feel like an injection of HAPPY? Then this is the colour bomb the doctor ordered. Every colour used in this palette is bona-fide JOYFUL. From the lollypop pink to the sky blue, you’ll be transported to carefree days of whimsy and flow.

Here she is! The Colour Bomb!

colourful abstract art for sale

So excited!!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

PS This is week 34’s piece for my Art Challenge of 2015…  Follow me on Facebook to stay in the loopity-loop of my produce-a-piece-a-week challenge.

PPS Wanna buy THis piece? You can’t! (Sorry! I’m using it as a pro-forma for some amazing LARGE ARTWORKS which we be exhibited in February 2016 in Margaret River.)

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Behold the light!