Colour Me Happier! (Anita Revel’s 2nd solo exhibition | Margaret River)

An exhibition with a difference — Anita Revel’s 2nd solo exhibition includes an installation also!

Artist’s Statement

In this body of work I am exploring what values and virtues might look like if expressed in colour.

I am fascinated by colour therapy theories and scientific studies, and how colour affects mood. Reds and oranges reflect the fiery, passionate and creative aspects of our personalities, so lend themselves to such values as security, purpose, productivity and authenticity. Blues and greens tend to calm us, or make us feel connected to nature, so help us feel more in line with values such as warmth, compassion and integrity.

I have also titled each work with an affirmation that reflects the essence of the value and virtue it represents. The result is an uplifting, engaging and emotionally healing journey through colour.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition is made up of eight large-scale abstract paintings. The colours are blended to foster a positive, emotional state of being, and treated in my “prism” style of painting — highly textured work with a colourful underlay, superimposed with white stylised squares.

The hero of the exhibition is a large scale abstract called Ecstatic Dance of the Cosmic Soul, which was on display at the Margaret River Chocolate Company until recently.

From afar, the piece has a lot of movement that takes the viewer on a merry dance through happy colours. Up close, though, every single square (or prism) tells a unique story within its own space.

It reminds us that though we are but one small element in the big beautiful universe, we are uniquely intriguing in our own right. This, to me, represents a core belief of feeling valued, and that each of us has an important place in this world.

original abstract art style by Anita Revel

Exhibition Opening

This exhibition and installation opens Friday 3 February at the Foyer Gallery at the Margaret River Cultural Centre. It will be opened by Rachel Coad — winner of the 2016 Black Swan prize for portraiture — from 5-7pm, and is sponsored by Kailis Wines. Entry is free, and prices begin at $100 per original painting.

Exhibition Catalogue

As well as Ecstatic Dance of the Cosmic Soul (pictured above) the exhibition features a 1040x820mm painting of the hero of values and virtues — the peacock. (View below)

Colour Me Happier painting by Anita Revel

Colour Me Happier | mixed media on wood | 2040x820mm | $950 SOLD


As this exhibition focuses on “values and virtues” as a central theme, I chose the peacock as the totem animal who represents this theme. Peacock symbolises nobility, protection, awakening, whose colours foster vibrancy and vitality in your outlook.

I limited my palette for the entire exhibition to just eight colours. I painted this using this palette to experience how the colours bump against each other, and what kind of feelings are evoked with the colour combinations.

I also enjoyed using my own peacock “Nevid” as a live model for this piece. He intuitively seemed to know exactly when I needed him for reference, and would wander up to my studio window and peer in. He really is quite vain, and loves looking at his reflection in my window. Works for me!

In “talking” with Nevid, I get the feeling of pride (in a good way), beauty, self-care and protection (apparently they keep snakes away!)

The other exciting thing about this piece, is that it is painted on an internal door. No wall space for art? No problem! Use this as a door!!

I’ve even laid out the design so you can attach barn door fittings and use it as a slider. That way a door handle won’t ruin your piece 😀


The Installation

I created the installation as an exercise in “magnifying” the effect of the pixel effect of my abstract work. The intention was to hang 42 pieces together to highlight the fact there is a story in each square. Rather than packing the installation away after the exhibition, my mentor convinced me to offer pieces for sale so people can create their own mini installations at home. So, the price of each piece is basically at cost: $100. And if you buy 3, you can choose a 4th one for free.

Art installation Margaret River

The “Colour Me Happier” installation with Anita Revel. Photo by Donna Powell.



Want to buy your own piece of installation?

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Original: 40x40cm, mixed media on ply (framed, ready to hang), $90 pick up Cowaramup

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With love, and shiny intentions,
Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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