Ecstatic Dance of the Cosmic Soul: my art style

Back in August 2015 I had an artistic breakthrough. I found an art style that I loved; and even better: I could call my own.

After years of study, playing, toying and trashing, I finally discovered an art style that is unique, engaging, and a big fat pointer to what I love in art: colour, symbolism, pattern and movement.

I call this style of painting: “prism” painting.

It begins with a back story represented through:

  • colour (representing moods),
  • colour combinations (representing relationships), and
  • size/shape (representing the contribution each individual has to make to society)…

Which is the overlaid with structure (“society”) and pattern (what makes all of us unique, strange/normal people get along!).

The upshot is a visually stunning piece of work that engages the viewer not only from afar, but moreso at a close-up level. Or, as I say in this piece’s profile on my Redbubble store:

We all have the face we present to the world (the first glance; the “face in the crowd”). And yet, there are a million elements of personality and self-expression that makes each individual unique (which becomes evident upon closer inspection).

In taking time to get closer to others — to learn what makes them tick, what brings them joy, what makes them unique — we become richer in our own existence.

Take time to explore each prism, and let your soul dance to the tune of each person’s ecstatic dance.

Check out the magic of this art style for yourself:

From afar… (it’s bigger than this in real life!)

original abstract art style by Anita Revel

Close up… (image credit Donna Powell)

unique art style developed by artist Anita Revel

This beautiful piece will be part of my upcoming exhibition in February 2017. More details to come… Please do follow me on Facebook to stay in the loopity-loop of new works and newsy bits.

margaret river chocolate factory art

News Flash :: Ecstatic Dance of the Cosmic Soul is no longer on display at the Margaret River Chocolate Company … It is hanging in my gallery in Cowaramup.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Original:  2.42x1m ready-to-hang mixed media, $2500 excluding freight (pick up from Cowaramup, Western Australia). Available for pick-up from March 2017.


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