Exhibitions by Anita Revel

Colour Me Happy | February-March 2016 | Cocoon Gallery Margaret River

An exploration of various colours sitting next to each other to evoke emotion — from happiness and playfulness to melancholy and mystery, eventually intuiting 50 colour combinations that defined 50 states of happiness. The exhibition was made up of 50 hand-painted lino prints and one hero piece entitled Happy.

The intention is that the viewer be attracted to a particular colour combination, or its associated state of happiness, then be inspired by the image to bring that energy into his or her life each day.

color me happy art exhibition margaret river

Colour Me Happier | February 2017 | Foyer Gallery Margaret River

The exhibition is made up of seven large-scale abstract paintings. The colours are blended to foster a positive, emotional state of being, and treated in my “prism” style of painting — highly textured work with a colourful underlay, superimposed with white stylised squares.

The hero of the exhibition is a large scale abstract called Ecstatic Dance of the Cosmic Soul, which was on display at the Margaret River Chocolate Company until recently.

The exhibition included an installation of 42 abstract paintings exploring what values and virtues might look like if expressed in colour.

invitation to exhibition at Foyer Gallery Margaret River

Future Exhibition Ideas

I’m currently exploring ideas for an exhibition in 2018. I’m thinking… Colour Me Happiest is an obvious direction, but given that I don’t like “obvious”, who knows where this will head?! LOL

Although my first two exhibitions have a strong and clear theme in colour, affirmations, and states of happiness and wellbeing, the styles in both exhibitions are vastly different. I look forward to developing yet another style for my 3rd exhibition.