“Feathers” acrylic on canvas, colour bomb!

I must say, my preferred medium for painting is acrylic on canvas. Here are the main advantages, as I see it:

  1. It’s quick to dry, letting me create layers and depth;
  2. It stays wet long enough for me to “work it” — spread it, thin it, thicken it, blend it;
  3. The colours are vibrant;
  4. You can create fabulous drips and droplet effects;
  5. It be as glossy or as matte or as crackled or as smooth as I want it to be;
  6. The brushes are easy to clean.

painting with acrylic on canvas lets me create drips I find I work best when I’ve got a background already done. I prepared this one last week, using up the last of my blue paint (rather than wash it down the sink).

These drips are not really visible in the end product, but they did serve as “road maps” to help me discover the painting waiting to happen.

This is how I came to paint “Feathers

Feathers by Anita Revel

As I filled in the gaps between the drips, I found the shapes of feathers emerging. I meandered down the path of discovery, following the drippy signs.

‘Twas a lovely, meditative, enjoyable journey 😀

Once again, I’m really pleased with the outcome of this day in the studio.

And once again, I’m rapt that I had the Art Challenge looming over me with a deadline to complete something for Week 4. Without that deadline, (or “alive-line”), I would have gone to the beach instead of pushing the boundaries of my creative Self.

Here are some details of the work:

I hope you are enjoying the colour pop as much as I do, and that the whimsical feathers bring a bit of happiness to your day.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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