Get Your Goddess On – an art workshop using paint, play and pop psychology

Wow-wee, what a week it has been. Inspiration is flowing! I’d been working on a workshop idea for the past year or so, but something was missing. On Saturday night I dreamt the solution, and voila, by Sunday afternoon I knew I had found my eureka. It was like Van Gogh said…

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”
~ Vincent Van Gogh

I went straight to the studio and began playing… Using layers to a) open the heart chakra and b) to develop texture and history, I came up with a simple four-step process for completing an inspirational painting that is pretty to look at, and contains deep meaning for the artist.

get your goddess on art workshop when women gather magic happens

It was so amazing I published the workshop straight away, and got a shortlist of a dozen women within an hour.

Now, I’ve been running workshops for women’s wellbeing for more than 10 years, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

The energy surrounding this announcement is by far the most vibrant I have ever experienced, so I know at a deep, heart-and-soul level, that this is one amazing baby.

By Monday afternoon five women left my studio excited with their own artworks, and brimming with positivity and renewed energy to lean into their lives.

Ahhhh, this is why I do this work!

I invite you also, if you’re called to create art with meaning, to consider joining one of my art workshops too. There are a few options so get ready to play!

Register for this fun ART WORKSHOP HERE

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

PS This is week 36’s piece for my Art Challenge of 2015…  Follow me on Facebook to stay in the loopity-loop of my produce-a-piece-a-week challenge.


Original: 30×30 cm, acrylic on ply, $150 including postage within Australia

Alternatively, visit me at my studio and I will show it to you, along with lots of options for commissioning a custom-made size for your own space.


Prints, cards, clothing, homewares etc from a teensy $2.48