Goddess of beauty and love: Venus was her name!

In 1986, Bananarama burst into the charts with their song “Venus.”

Goddess on the mountain top,
Burning like a silver flame.
The summit of beauty and love,
And Venus was her name.

And thus an ear-worm would be planted forever more!

Oh well, it’s not a bad ear-worm, at least!

Just as well, because it pretty well played on-loop while I was painting this little goddess of beauty and love .

I used a similar colour palette and technique as Persephone, Goddess of Spring, earlier this year. I like the results so much, I think I’ll create a series!

Goddess of Beauty and Love : Venus

Yes, clearly, this depiction of Venus is based on Boticelli’s famous Birth of Venus. It is such a gorgeous image of the goddess emerging from the waves, I couldn’t help but be inspired.

goddess of beauty and love Venus

As I’ve written about 52 goddess profiles (and how their stories can inspired modern women), I think I have my work cut out for me.

I mean, if this little beauty took me two weeks to complete (I worked on other paintings while waiting for layers in this to dry), this means it will take me two years to complete the other 50 in the series. Yikes!

Oh well, my next goddess to paint will clearly have to be one about “perseverance”! Perhaps Circe, who spent 13 moons on one single potion? Yes, that resonates.

Bring it on ūüėÄ

Stay tuned, and…

Shine on!
‚̧ Anita Revel

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