I did an Anya Brock workshop and this is what I got…

ZOMG how much do you love Anya Brock?!?!?! I’ve been a fan for AAAAGGGGEEEESSSS, so can you imagine my excitement, during a visit to Melbourne this week, to discover that she was in town, and running a workshop?!!

I actually get a chance to attend an Anya Brock workshop?!!

Be still my beating heart!!!

*deep breath*

Sorry, I hyper-ventilate just thinking about, still!

Anyway, so I attend this Anya Brock workshop (crossing an item off my bucket list, incidentally), and this is what I got…

result of Anya Brock workshop in Melbourne 2015

How. Freakin’. Adorable. are these two little lambies?

They are my pet lambs, Sheepy (the merino at the front) and Ripple (the dorpa at the back). I adopted them in July, with the intention of giving them a very happy life as my lawn-mowers.

They’re doing OK as lawn-mowers, but tend to get distracted when I rock up with my camera and a bowl of wheat. Not sure why… Might have to talk to the union or something about how slack they are.

Anyhoo, I rock up to the Workshop space in Fitzroy, and there’s Anya with pots of paint, loads of brushes, and virginal boards set up ready to go. Her work is instantly recognisable for her her signature bold hues, so not surprisingly, there were lots of exciting colours to get me drooling.

beautiful colour paint

But before we could dive into these pots of pure deliciousness, she got us sketching with our left-hands, right-hands quickly, not lifting the charcoal from the page, not looking at the page… General warm-up exercises for sketching what you see, not what you *think* you see.

Then we pulled out our reference pictures that we wanted to paint.

Another hallmark of Anya’s work is her smouldering-faced girls (99% of the class pulled out pictures of models), geometric compositions (0%), and portrait- inspired animals (1% — that’s me — I pulled out my photo of Sheepy and Ripple).

reference image for Sheepy for Anja Brock

And we sketched what we actually saw, onto the boards. Normally I lean towards a “representational” style when sketching but Anya was quite firm — “Draw what you see!” I’m so glad she did, because when I stood back from my work, I LOVED the composition I’d sketched up.

Then, we got to play with colour, and Anya did an awesome demo, sketching and filling-in a pelican. I loved watching this process unfold in front of my eyes.

So then we were unleashed to block in colour on our own pieces. Scary stuff! But fun!

I’m really stoked with the little lambies I ended up with, and am already planning a “version 2” … if only the lambs would stay still long enough to pose for me!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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