If seasons had a feeling… and colours… and words…

If Seasons had a feeling….

If seasons had a feeling, and a colour scheme, and a word, this is what they would be…

Spring: Awakening — opening our eyes, unfurling our spines, reaching, stretching and soaking in the pinks, greens, yellows and light blues of our world. Emerging from sleep, awakening to new energy, our hearts crack open, re-energised, ready to shine.

Summer: Heart Wide Open — we are fully active again, turning our faces to the sun, drinking in the vastness of the horizon, diving into the azure blue of the ocean, lapping up the lazy evening energy, besotted by the orange and melted-butter sunsets,  becoming hypnotised by the bees and the ripening of the forthcoming harvest, and opening our hearts fully to the warmth around us.

Autumn: Hunker Down — our bellies are stuffed with the bountiful harvest, our limbs are worn out, we are ready to rest. The leaves turn red and remind us it is time to turn the wheel, to enter hibernation, to re-charge the batteries and contemplate the goodness of our lives. 

Winter: Still — in hibernation, the white noise of doing nothing, of staying in, of internalising our energy and hopes for the next season of awakening. The cold makes us wrap our limbs around our bodies, protecting our core, keeping us safe and warm in an otherwise barren and quiet world. We contemplate, we still our hearts, and wait…

This series of four paintings represents the feelings, colours and motifs of each of the four seasons. I developed them as part of my Diploma Visual Arts studies, and they are currently on display at the Margaret River Cultural Centre as part of a group exhibition called “Making Their Mark”.

The exhibition was opened by one of my lecturers, Kay Gibson, who mentioned my success as an emerging artist — not only did I have a sell-out solo exhibition earlier this year, but I also participated in Open Studios event. (What she didn’t mention is that I have another solo exhibition booked in for next February. Stay tuned for news!)

So if you’d like to see these pieces first-hand, pop on down to the Cultural Centre foyer, open each weekday 10am-4pm. Who knows? You may just end up with some original art for your wall at a very reasonable price!

Exhibition details:

What: Group exhibition by Visual Arts students, called “Making Their Mark”
When: November 2016
Where: Margaret River Cultural Centre (foyer gallery)
Entry: free.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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PPS Wanna buy THis piece? You can!

Original: 70x70cm, acrylic on canvas (stretched), $350 including postage within Australia (Please mention the title of your preferred painting in the PayPal section.)

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