Oh how we sang and how we played in the Fairy’s Garden

Oh how we sang and how we played, in the fairy’s garden.

In my ongoing attempts to find freedom of expression using colour, I resorted to an age-old technique for finding inspiration, used by artists everywhere.

I copied someone else’s work.

Well, I didn’t copy it exactly. I used their composition and colour palette, but applied the paint in my style — with heavy scumbling and a loose wrist to create a nice big whimsical mess.

This piece was based on one by Tamara Laport at Willowing (whose “Lifebook” course I did last year). She has a much more whimsical style than me, and uses a wider range of materials, such as inks, paint pens and collage. I tend to stick with acrylics…

Nevertheless, I was still pretty stoked at how loose I could make it, considering complementary colours were being smashed together across the board.

I also tried something new today — I poured blue paint into a spray bottle and squirted the canvas (instead of doing my usual stick-fingers-in-the-pot-and-flick-them). It worked pretty well! Might have to take a trip to the temple (Ikea) and buy some spray bottles in bulk!

In the fairy's garden

Oh How We Sang and How We Played in the Fairy’s Garden | Anita Revel


Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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