Oh India, you beautiful, busy, colourful beast!

Oh India, you had me at “Namaste!” (Stories from an art retreat)

The trouble with India is, it has always scared me. Perhaps I’ve read too many book-club books that go into gory sadness and hopeless stories. Perhaps it’s because I’m an empath, and experiencing extreme sadness affects me terribly. Perhaps it’s because I like to pee in a clean bathroom  and India comes across as a dirty, squalid, desperate cluster of slums.

So when Dawn Meader announced she would be taking groups to India for a guided sketchbook art retreat, I decided to crash through any comfort zones, and experience India first-hand with a teacher I trust.

And so in September I flew into Delhi and began my two week art retreat with Dawn.

We started in Delhi, and travelled by bus across the state of Rajasthan to ‎‎Jaipur (pink city), ‎Pushkar, ‎Jodhpur (blue city), Jaisalmer (gold city) and back to Delhi on the night train.

The schedule was tight, with our days starting early and finishing late. We toured, we ate, we sketched, we slept, and in between, we laughed, we photographed, we danced, we wowed and we made great friends with everyone on the tour.

The tour route September 2017

I was warned of “sensory overload” in India, and wow did I get it!

Buzz, busy, colour, movement, bright, happy faces, namaste, shopping… LOTS of shopping: “please madam look in my shop, let me help you spend your money!” …

More colour, tuk tuk, temples, forts, FOOD, friends, beer in paper bags. Market-walking, tea-tasting, camel-trekking, desert-sleeping, sunrise-sketching.

Cows on the road, peacocks roaming, goats wandering, elephants strolling, camels loping, kids playing, women selling, men sleeping.

Palace-living, fort-living, village-life, slums. Primitive toilets, mod cons, limited wi-Fi, satellite dishes on slum rooves. Oh, and we did some amazing art 😜 😍

I’ve also posted some of my “artist at work” shots at my Anita Revel, Artist page…

…And some “artistic” ones at my personal insty account in case you’re interested: instagram.com/igoddess

Online art exhibition

And it is with great excitement, that I have put together a “Candid India” series, which are available as greeting cards and prints from my RedBubble store:

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