Let’s talk about abundance… (+ a kick-ass abundance affirmation)

Here’s how I came up with a kick-ass Abundance affirmation…

Before heading to Bali for a week’s holiday today, I squeezed in another Get Your Goddess On art workshop in my studio in Cowaramup.

As I usually do, I began this piece as a demo, to show participants how “loose” they’re allowed to be when applying paint. And as always, during the “pop psychology” analysis of our mark-making, stunning insights revealed themselves to me.

This time, I realised (despite being fully open to abundance) that at a deep level I was still holding onto financial values I learned as a child. That is, money is to be held onto with a tight fist. That spending is bad. That we must hoard what comes in…


My adult belief that I have chosen to take on, is that money is energy and it must flow. It must be allowed to weave a happy dance to help *everyone* prosper and thrive.

And so with this new, fresh energy towards abundance, I entered into a “zone”. I plugged into the Universe and asked it to channel an abundance affirmation to help me overcome the childhood conditioning.

I didn’t plan where the words or layout, and I barely saw them go on — (in the “zone” anything can happen!) — but as soon as the last letter of the last word landed exactly in the last corner, I knew it was perfect.

And I was happy.

abundance affirmation art

Abundance Is… | Anita Revel | 30×30 acrylic on stretched canvas

The abundance affirmation reads:

Abundance flows into my life daily, beautifully and benefitting everyone in rewarding and enriching ways, with love.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Original: 30x30cm, acrylic on canvas (stretched), $150 including postage within Australia

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