Lion symbolism: how Self-Command supports happiness

Lion symbolism: self-command

When I asked my good friend, Scott Alexander King — animal shamanist, best-selling author, and founder of Animal Dreaming — about lion symbolism, he responded with his interpretation of lion energy:

The Lion, with his golden mane is an ambassador of the sun and, as such, symbolises new beginnings, rebirth, strength, personal power, celebration and happiness.

This is all good stuff. Who couldn’t do with more happiness in their lives?

But I was drawn to paint Lion for a different reason.

Earlier this month I had foot surgery to correct a bunion. I thought I would be a good patient, and that spending six weeks with my foot elevated would be no problem. I would be such a model patient in fact, that my husband would beatify me for my saintly goodness.

Ba-baaaaaammmmmm. Truth is, I suck as a patient.

I couldn’t decide which was worse — living in a vortex of fog while doped up on pain-killers, or being acutely aware of the pain if I stopped the drugs. I couldn’t get comfortable, I was bored, I was whingy and I was an absolute burden on Gav.

Then one day, I heard myself complaining and I realised what a shit I was to be around. Heck, I’ve got empathy for others, but no way would I want to look after a misery guts like me.

I had to get a grip! I needed help to take control of my attitude.

And that’s when Lion appeared to me. He glared at me with his amber eyes and told me, very clearly, with his teeth gritted (as though even he was fed up with me!), to reach within and connect with my inner lioness. The message was:

Lioness will help you regain authority and command over your subconscious thoughts. As the huntress for her pride, she has mastered the art of patience and self control, and she will share these gifts with you.

And so thank you Lion, I did so. I drew on her energy to stop feeling sorry for myself, and took on a pledge of self command. If I was to ride through this 6 weeks of recovery with a smile on my face, it would be up to me.

Four weeks in, two weeks to go, and I’d like to think that I’ve become a pretty good patient. I remember to be patient if the drugs are slow to kick in, or if I need to nap half-way through watching a movie, or if I read the same paragraph of a novel over and over again.

I also took self command of my guilt, of being unable to contribute to running a household. Guilt, shmilt. I became able to accept the assistance and support freely. (It helped knowing that, no doubt, if the tables were turned, I’d be 100% OK with carrying the load for my husband!)

And so, thanks to Lion, (and Lioness!), I became conscious of taking self-command — of the victim mindset, the guilt, the self-judgment — can lead to a feeling of satisfaction… of happiness, even.

lion symbolism self command

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❤ Anita Revel

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