Ask me how much I love the Margaret River Region Open Studios event…

When the Margaret River Open Studios event launched in 2014, I had no idea it would expand so thoroughly, nor so quickly. Within a year, the “biggest art event in WA” now boasts more than 80 artists who open their studio doors to visitors — and it’s an event still in its infancy!

How fabulous!!

I have spent a few days over the last three weeks popping into studios situated in Busselton, Margaret River, Augusta, Vasse, Yallingup, Quindalup, Dunsborough, Cowaramup and North Jindong.

Every studio was different, but there was one striking similarity between them all:

Every single artist I met was open, friendly, willing to share their time and tips, and an absolute treasure to meet.

I even got star-struck with a couple of them!

The Margaret River Region Open Studios event (#MRROS) is officially described as “a trail of discovery for all art lovers of vibrant visual art of the capes region of WA.”

But it’s so much more.

It’s an opportunity to see and experience, first-hand, where and how some of Australia’s finest artists work.

You can walk into their space, see their works in progress, buy some art from the coalface, and meet the unique and fabulously talented individual responsible for birthing more beauty into the world.

I decided not to enter into this year’s event because, although I have a decent body of work stashed in my studio, I don’t feel that I have a “voice” yet.

(Hence my art challenge to complete a piece a week to hone my creative skills — I do hope that in this process I will find something — a style, or a subject — that I can do naturally, and with joy.)

But here’s another thing I love about the MRROS event…

I’m not in the catalogue, and yet, I am selling work!

I blame (thank!) the MRROS event for raising the energy around “buying art”.

Artists that I have spoken to, are getting dozens — and in some case hundreds — of visitors to their studio each day, and are loving that these visitors are in a “I want to buy art” mindset.

These artists are making sales. They are building their databases with new fans. And they are increasing their exposure and respect for their industry no end.

I am on the sideline, benefiting from such energy. Just last week, I sold three pieces!

Thank you to the organisers, board and sponsors of the MRROS event.

I am buoyed by the energy of this event, both as a visitor to countless studios, but as an emerging artist hoping that one day, I too will join the trail of studios that welcome visitors and foster the love of art.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Behold the Light!
❤ Anita Revel


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