Mural workshop fun! (Amazing what “letting go” does for creativity!)

All my life I’ve wanted to paint a mural.

I’ve drooled over murals in Melbourne, Sydney, and more recently, Perth…

street art mural Newtown

Artist: Nico

I’ve dabbled with spray-painting Banksy-style hearts on sheds and water tanks around the farm (which, incidentally, got turned into an album cover!)…

album cover art

I tried painting my husband’s building company’s logo onto his office wall…

leimac mural artists at work

But it wasn’t until I came across Dawn Meader’s “group mural painting workshop” that I realised I had my chance to try painting an amazing mural for myself. (With a group of fellow creatives.)

And so we gathered… and created… and painted with both arms, from the shoulders and from the wrists… We painted with the theme of “Freedom” in mind, not standing in front of the same section for more than two minutes at a time… dancing as we painted, swivelling the hips and losing attachment of what came of the brushes…

We had too much fun, we’re doing it again! I’m calling on you to experience what it’s like to celebrate creativity, even if you’re so OCD that a blank canvas is hell.

Give in to the wonder of the “what if?” Surrender to the fear that you’ll be laughed at. Surprise yourself with the beauty you can create when working with a group and under the leadership of a beautiful art teacher.

Join us for the next Mural Workshop in Cowaramup!

Thursday 21 Jan 2016, early morning until lunchtime, in Cowaramup. Register for the mural workshop here. It will be the best $50 you’ve ever spent!

I look forward to creating with you 😀

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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PPS Wanna buy THis piece? You can’t!

But you CAN book into a group mural workshop …. Check my art workshop calendar for details.

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Behold the light!