Muse Therapy – a Frida Kahlo inspired portrait (getting ready for a workshop in Feb!)

Muse Therapy — Frida Kahlo inspired portrait

Wowsers I have a busy first-quarter coming up in 2018! I’m in two group exhibitions over Easter, and once again participating in the Margaret River Region Open Studios event, but before all that, I’m running a workshop called “Self Portrait Frida Kahlo Style“…

Now, because that’s coming up first — Tuesday 27 Feb 2018 in fact — and because I’ve sold the original work that inspired the workshop (“The Muse“) — eek! — I thought I’d better get my ass into the studio and create some new studies!

So, my first study, Frida Kahlo style, was done on a multi-media substrate, and began as a self-portrait… Can you tell my mirror was to my bottom-right?!

I was able to paint this in about an hour, so I am fairly confident that workshop participants should be able to complete it in three. With time for step-by-step instructions, a bit of chit chat and one-on-one, and of course a bit of elbow-bending with the bubbles, yeahhhhh, there’ll be plenty of time to send everyone home with a Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portrait.

Frida Kahlo inspired portrait Muse Therapy 40x40cm mixed media by Anita Revel

Regarding the title… I’ve been so busy moving house (twice), and helping my son plan his wedding, I’ve had no time to be in the studio! Being back there today was bliss. A place where time has no meaning. The little things are the big things. Music is the king of the ear canals. It is therapy for the soul.

So thank you Frida Kahlo, for being my muse in therapy — hence, Muse Therapy.

Oh, and about the workshop… it’s part of a series of workshops being run in the Bubbles and Brushes” set-up. I’m a guest teacher. You can book tickets to come along, have some giggles, sip champagne while brushing the canvas, and create a piece of work that is unique to you.

I should let you know that the pieces you’ll be doing are on canvas, so it will turn out smoother than this piece (done on multi-media), so I’ll get cracking on getting another demo / study / sample for you soon.

Book your tickets here….

Oh, did I mention the workshop is in a pub?! Yes, at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough, Tuesday 27 Feb 2018 6–9pm. Yasssssssss!

Bookings essential.

With love,
Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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