My Community (acrylic on canvas board)

This is a high-impact, colourful, acrylic on canvas board, that I originally did as part of my studies in Cert IV Visual Design.

original art acrylic on canvas board

It is an abstract representation on what it feels like to live in my community.

My interpretation:

We are made up of many personalities — some large, some small, some colourful, some conservative — no two are the same.

We are all beautiful and valid in our own right, and are complemented by our neighbours when our circles interweave.

When we cross paths, our interactions create ripples. Every kind deed, every good word, has an on-flow effect to every person in the community.

We are all inter-connected.

It is currently at home in my “Cosy, rustic, self-contained farmstay” in the Margaret River region. (Use this link to get a $25 travel voucher when you join the AirBnB community.)


Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Original: 72×56 cm, acrylic on canvas board, framed, $450 including postage


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* Behold the light!
❤ Anita Revel