Owl energy is strong in this one…

Owl featured in my recent solo art exhibition in Margaret River (“Colour Me Happy“). Having hand-painted 50 of them over three weeks, I thought I’d be thoroughly tired of owls by the end. I was wrong. Owl energy proves to be resonating strongly with me…

owl energy totem symbol

“Beyond the Obvious” | Anita Revel | 54×73 unframed | Charcoal and Acrylic on wallpaper

I really love owl energy, and the power of its totem symbolism. Owl can see what is usually hidden to most. He can see beyond deceit and trickery, and instead sees the truth and heart of the situation.

When feeling confused or unsure of “next steps”, Owl is a beautiful totem animal to call upon for insights.

He has the wisdom and intuitive knowledge to see beyond the ordinary, witnessing the magic life normally lurking beyond the veil of everyday consciousness. (Hence the title of this piece: “Beyond the Ordinary”.)

I created this piece during the Margaret River Region Open Studios event, and it almost sold within 5 minutes of completion! After getting a lot of compliments through the rest of the day, I sent it for framing straight away. So fortunately for you, it’s still available!

It’s a background of a deconstructed rainbow gently curving below and behind the hero. Owl has been drawn in charcoal (and fixed), and highlighted with white acrylic.

(And fortunately for me, I get to enjoy it on my wall until it finds a new home!)

It truly is a stunning piece that I’m immensely proud of. You will love it!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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PPS Wanna buy THis piece featuring owl? You can’t sorry — it’s sold!

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Behold the light!