Party Bomb! (Using the Drip Painting method… Yeeeeeeuuwwww!)

Do you have any idea of how fun it is to create a DRIP PAINTING as art?!

I’ll tell you… It is friggin’ AWESOME.

Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which paint is dripped or poured onto the canvas. (Wikipedia)

But how to do it? Does one really have to tip a can of paint upside down to create a drip? Not always…

Here are some tips, and some insight into how I created my own drip painting on speed: Party Bomb.

drip paint to make art

Party Bomb! 45x60cm acrylic on canvas | Anita Revel

On how to make the paint runny enough…

Thaneeya over at Art is Fun recommends using a paint thinner such as Liquitex Pouring Medium to create strong, bold drips. I’ve used Retarder also as a thinning agent to make paint runny. I’ve also used water, but it can dilute the colour upon drying.

On how to apply the paint…

This might sound tediously obvious, but make sure your canvas is vertical so that you can use gravity to let the paint runs its course towards a “happy accident”.

Actually, cancel that. Jackson Pollock dipped a stick into a pot of paint and waved the stick like a wand over a canvas lying flat, so I guess there’s proof that not all canvases have to be vertical to create intriguing drippy effects.

On my first pass-over with Party Bomb, I super-saturated my brush with liquidy paint, and pushed hard on the canvas to force the paint to overflow onto the canvas. It created some really nice saturated colours and solid drips.

On the second go-over, I again added liquidy blobs then grabbed a spray bottle of water and went to town. I fully let go with a spray overdose, which led to some of the previous layer diluting, and creating some incredible dripping effects at another level.

The third layer of drips was created by using liquidy paint in a squirty bottle, and squeezing. You can see where I’ve done this in the pink — the application point is quite tidy and straight thanks to the little nozzle on the bottle.

On how to create “happy accidents”…

  • Tilt the canvas as the paint is dripping to change it’s direction.
  • Tip it upside down so it runs back on its original course (creating depth).
  • Flick the brush to offload the paint in a happy splatter.
  • Throw the brush! (If you’re precious about your walls, take the canvas outside!)
  • Blow onto blobs of paint.

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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