Peacock art: Why are peacocks known as protectors?

Peacock art Series, continues

peacock art symbol

“The Protector” is an original work by Anita Revel. It is painted in acrylic on an external door, and measure 2020x820mm. $1200

This is the third Peacock in my peacock art series… As I mentioned in my 2nd work, “Brave“, I chose peacock as a symbolic protector of my home.

This is because Peacock is the totem animal for protection. They can eat poisonous snakes without harm, and their loud cries mean they make fabulous watch dogs!

To further I enjoy using yellow tones in the background to rev up the solar plexus chakra, the home of courage.

And then, of course, is the issue of the numerous eyes in his tail, ever-watching and protecting you against harm.

Which brings me to the Greek myth of Hera and her guard (and how the peacock got its tail)…

Hera (Juno, in the Roman pantheon) was the wife of Zeus (Jupiter), a god renowned for his philandering ways. It could be said he was a “hard dog to keep on the porch” ;-P…

Hera entrusted a 100-eyed giant, Argus, to guard one of his concubines that she’d tricked Zeus into gifting her. Zeus responded by sending messenger of the gods, Hermes, to kill Argus. Hermes successfully sent Argus to sleep by playing god-awful music and telling even more boring stories, and killing him as soon as the 100th eye fell closed. I’m trying to keep this long story short, so cutting to the end, Hera honoured Argus by placing his 100 eyes into the tail of the peacock.

Phew. So there you go, another aspect of “protector” in this gorgeous piece.

This particular piece in the series is painted on an external door… It can therefore be used as a feature piece in your home, or as functional art as a door!

I am taking commissions

This particular design really well large-scale and the ratio of a door. So let’s know the door size you’re after, any particular colours you’d like to coordinate with your home, and where you live (for shipping calculations), and I’ll get back to you with a quote. To give you a rough guesstimate, work on $555/m2 (including the door) + shipping.

With love,
Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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If you would love an original art door for your own space, contact Anita to commission a piece with your size requirements.

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