When the light inside is dim… Shine On!

When the light inside is dim… Rev up and shine on!

These Get Your Goddess On art workshops in my little studio in the Margaret River region are proving popular! Creative women are finding their way to my space, and following my four-step process for producing the type of painting pictured below.

On this particular day, the girls were chatting about their various irks. A constantly messy house. Lack of appreciation for their contribution to raising a healthy family. A back-stabbing friend… Once it was all off their chest I asked them if these burdens were dulling their shine.

“Yes!” They answered, after thinking about it for a bit.

So the artworks produced that day were subsequently focused on getting our “shine” back. That sparkly, energetic, vibrant person we are when we’re not feeling the weight of the daily grind. They were magnificent. (Like the girls themselves!)

Anyway, the whole process reminded me of this little poem I wrote back in 2007, reminding me of my self-identity. I’m posting it here for you now…

My Divine © Anita Revel, 07/07/07

I am mother, sister, blood-sister and wife,
Drummer, web-weaver, passionate for life;

Dancer with fairy dust, sun, sea and snow,
Creatrix, embracer, I go with the flow;

Tiger, butterfly, complex and free,
I am glorious, juicy, and free to be me;

Grace, gratitude and love is my creed,
I warmly give and receive what I need;

Explorer, authenticator, drifter on dreams,
Truths are unleashed, words flow in streams;

Insightful, intuitive and naturally wise,
Good fortune is easy to materialise;

Spinner of stories in the celestial skies,
Connected to earth, reaching Heaven-wise.

Shimmer, sparkle, giggle and shine,
Awaken, be bold, and behold, my divine!

art class shine on



Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Behold the light!