The creative process in a nutshell … (funny)

creative process meme funnyThere are dozens and dozens of infographics that describe the creative process, but this little summary is my favourite.

I LOL’d when I saw it because it’s happening to me right now!

I’m in the studio and these sentences are running through my head!


So funny, I thought I’d document one of projects to illustrate how these 6 steps are so accurate.

Step 1 of the creative process: This is awesome

We were given the task of representing an event from current affairs through art. As I rely on the help of WWOOFer style itinerant workers to keep my avocado trees healthy and happy, I chose to focus on the Hon Michaelia Cash’s announcement that “volunteering isn’t work”, and their contributions to countless small farms around Australia won’t count towards their 2nd year visa applications.

Straight away I filled two pages of my visual diary with notes, and started sketching some ideas and thumbnails. “This is awesome!” I thought.

Step 2: This is tricky

I want to create a background using national flags of all the WOOFers who have stayed with us. I count 12 nationalities: Canada, France, Scotland, The Netherlands, Taiwan, USA, Zimbabwe, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, UK.

I’ll use these as building blocks for a message about the value of volunteering, 12 letters wide x 8 rows deep:

is honorable
Mutually ben
eficial. Work
Makes the wo
rld smaller
one friends
ip at a time

Uh oh. The piece I sketched out was going to end up as a 3m wide monster. Time to adjust the size of all these flags I want in the piece!

Except, the bunting figures I’d already cut out won’t fit on the smaller sized flags. “Oh gosh, this is tricky!”



Step 3: This is shit

Have you ever tried hand-painting 108 flags?

Well, have you?’

I dare you to try, and *not* think “this is shit”! LOL

national flags in progress

Step 4: I am shit

THANK YOU Zimbabwe for having a weird yellow dragon on a red star on your flag.

Did I just spend two hours thinking of ways to get 50 tiny stars on all these American flags?

Oh God, I forgot Croatia.

“Oh God, I am shit!”

hand painted flags

Step 5: This might be OK

My daughter often hangs out in the studio with me. Her constant chatter is like my background music. I love it when she comes to inspect my work and announces that it’s great.

“Hmmm, this might be OK after all.”

my biggest fan

Step 6: This is awesome

After glazing the piece with quinachridone crimson the whole piece became integrated. It’s so awesome that I’m leaving it as it is, and will instead add the message as part of my artist’s statement.

Also: I hand-painted 108 national flags. “This is awesome!”

hand painted national flags

This is my political statement that volunteering is honourable, mutually beneficial, and makes the world a smaller place one friendship at a time. It’s also “work”, and should be valued as such. Dear Hon Cash, please reconsider your decision and include WWOOFer style work as a contribution to itinerant workers’ 2nd year visa application.

All jokes aside, I can’t run my small agri-business without WWOOFer style workers. So as a side-note, I’d love your help…

WWOOF Pty Ltd have started a petition asking the Immigration Minister to allow volunteering to continue as an eligible activity for the 2nd year Working Holiday Visa: You can Sign the petition here. Thanks, in advance!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Behold the Light!
❤ Anita Revel