The Song In Your Heart – love being yourself!

“The Song in Your Heart” celebrates being with someone who accepts you 100% for who you are. And knowing, even without words, that you are accepted and loved in all of totality. It gives you permission to absolutely love being yourself. 

I can hear
the song in your heart,
whispering to me;
Such simplicity!
I know,
with certainty,
I have permission to be
totally me.

be yourself

I originally dreamt this piece into being. I saw her eyes, her flowing hair, the roses and vines adorning her space, and the tiny little bird singing his song into her ear.

At the time of dreaming her, I felt a warmth rush through me. I knew it was a message of self-acceptance. That it is OK to be who I am, with all my strengths, and all my foibles.

I am where I am, when I am, and who I am. And that’s OK.

It was a crystal clear message. And so simple! A reminder that yes, it is perfect, (and perfectly OK!), to love being yourself.

It was with this energy coursing through my body that I awoke, and while the message and imagery was still fresh, began work straight away.

The piece took me three months to complete. During the process, I came to realise that it’s one thing to love being yourself, but it’s equally as lovely and amazing and precious when someone else loves you for who you are as well! It’s like this realisation came to me on the invisible threads of a birdsong, so in went the bird and the piece became resolved.

She’s currently hanging on my loungeroom wall. I love how she stops visitors in their tracks. There’s so much to love about this piece — the movement, the colour, the mesmerising eyes, and of course, the message.

I will miss her when she goes, but on the upside, I will be stoked to know that she will bring as much joy to her new owner as she did to me. And so, I now release her to the wide open world. Enjoy!

Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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Behold the light!