The Truth in the Ashes – celebrating values and virtues

Love this art celebrating values and virtues!

This mixed media work was part of my Colour Me Happier exhibition held in February 2017 in Margaret River. In keeping with the exhibition’s premise of “values and virtues”, the colour scheme of this piece reflects a set of values which I hold important.

Reds and oranges reflect the fiery, passionate and creative aspects of our personalities, so lend themselves to such values as security, purpose, productivity and authenticity.

Blues and greens tend to calm us, or make us feel connected to nature, so help us feel more in line with values such as warmth, compassion and integrity.

When we can burn away the facade, the pretence, our false values…
we are left with the truth in the ashes.

my daughter holding this piece celebrating values and virtues

When my daughter saw this piece, she claimed it immediately for her room. I had to sneak it to the framers during school hours, and my angel framer delivered it to the exhibition for me. It’s a very striking piece — I’m not surprised she wanted it for herself!

Currently it’s for sale via the exhibition for $550, until the end of February 2017.

With love, and shiny intentions,
Shine on!
❤ Anita Revel

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